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Hemp Trade Market connects people in the ever growing hemp industry. Sell, buy, trade and connect. Get all the latest news, updates and hear about upcoming events!

Business and Social Hub

Buy, sell, trade, connect. All of your business at one place.

Supply and demand in real time

Always be up to date with supply and demend, as well as other important changes on the market.

World Wide

Hemp businesses from all around the world.

Direct communication

Communicate directly with other members of the platform.

Product listing

Find exectly what you are looking for or offer your products.


Find or offer services related to hemp industry.

Top Trend

Browse our website for the hottest items in the marketplace now.

CBD Products & 官网澳洲幸运10开奖记录直播-澳洲10开奖结果历史 Hemp Trade Market

Made by hempers for hempers, Hemp Trade Market is what we wish existed a long time ago. Not just a place of business where you can buy or sell wholesale hemp products, this platform is made to connect people from all around the world to further push and inovate hemp industry.

Best wholesale offers from verified businesses all around the world. No middle man or additional fees. Get your products or services listed on the number one hemp platform in just a few minutes.

All In One Platform


Developed in mind for anyone who is looking to buy, sell or trade anything related to hemp industry. That includes you, service providers.

Exactly What You Need

Seeds, biomass, processed or manufactured goods... Find eexactly what you are looking for in products section of our platform.

Get Business Done Quickly

Post an auction to sell or buy and get your business done the right and fast way.


Get to know the people in this amazing industry, make business connections, learn and share knowledge, make friends.

Stay Notified

Get the latest news and always be notified about hemp events around the world.

PC or Mobile

Whether you drink your coffe in front of your PC or your out there doing the work Hemp Trade Market will be with you.

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Interview with Tecnocanapa - Hemp Trade Market

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Find hemp seeds, oil, extracts, textile, food, clothing, equipment or any related categories.
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